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MLM Advertising

[ 0 ] January 22, 2009

Save Money on MLM Advertising

With the economy in shambles, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom trying to trim the entertainment budget or you’re an entrepreneur looking for ways to cut business spending, it makes no difference. Everyone is feeling the money pinch.

In the business world, one of the biggest ways to attract customers and create income is by advertising. And one of the largest online businesses is MLM or Multi-Level Marketing.

Your success with multi level marketing relies on advertising because it lets potential customers know you’re there. Without it, you won’t stand a chance.

Some people assume that MLM advertising means posting an ad somewhere on or offline. However, there is much more to advertising than posting. You can choose to let the world know about your business through product sampling, local media and even by word of mouth.

To create an efficient ad that won’t break your piggy bank, you need to venture outside of the box. One great way to put money back into your pocket is by bartering. This method has been used not only in business, but at home as well.

If your MLM company has something that has value in the marketplace, why not offer it to someone who could use it and wouldn’t mind placing an ad on their website?

Your company product doesn’t even need to be the bartering chip. Do you have design knowledge? Maybe you could offer your expertise in web design in return for your company’s link on their web page.

Another cost effective way to advertise is by joining social networks. Many of the social networking sites are even free. However, keep in mind that some social networks don’t want a bunch of businesses spamming their website or members, so make sure you know their rules and play by them.

Also, keep in mind that less is sometimes more. While big banners can be eye-catching, they can also slow down loading time and they take up more space.

Keeping banners small and simple will not only allow quicker page loading time, it can also save you big bucks. And there’s no reason why small ads cannot be as impressive as the big boys.

And finally, the right tools and resources can also help you advertise. Building on a Budget by Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame is a 60 page guide for building your business BIG on little or no money. There’s even a FREE video you can watch to learn more about Building on a Budget. So watch it now and see what you can learn about free and inexpensive MLM advertising.

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