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Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring

[ 0 ] April 19, 2011

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring

From rags to riches, Mike Dillard became an online Network Marketing success, when he created his MLM business system, Magnetic Sponsoring. His story began as a struggling waiter who was barely able to survive to an online entrepreneur who became a millionaire in less than two years. Today he’s made more than 7 million dollars and has a downline of over 500 members.

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, focuses on attracting new leads to your business for free. His system teaches Network Marketers the techniques he used to make his businesses a success. He offers newsletters, videos, books, eBooks and personal courses to help online businesses become their own success story.

It’s hard to not find a positive Magnetic Sponsoring Review online. Most MLM businesses know that this is a system that really works. The difference in his approach to Network Marketing is that you don’t spend your precious time or money looking for customers to sell your product or service to. Instead, you let that customer come to you, you giveaway your product to make money and you concentrate on the customers who really want your product, not those who don‘t.

He also teaches Network Marketers how important it is for their leads to maintain contact with their downline in order to assure that their business continues to successfully generate endless leads and an instant cash flow. In addition to what Mike’s unique system has to offer, there is also a support feature if there’s ever a problem or a question concerning Magnetic Sponsoring.

To Quickly Sum Things Up:

- Magnetic Sponsoring is a system that uses free lead generation to create instant cash flow for Network Marketers.

- Network Marketers can get access to the Magnetic Sponsoring Book, e-Book, audios, videos, a business page to generate leads, help support with a 24 to 48 hour response rate, and an affiliate site that gives you bonus commissions whenever a potential customer clicks on your link to purchase a course or other related purchases.

- You won’t need to hassle friends, family or anyone you can think of to make this system work.

- If you apply Mike Dillard’s techniques to your own business, you can generate a nice cash flow that could increase to even bigger profits.

The bottom line is this. Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring system is a terrific tool that will set you on the road to success, but the real success will depend on you.

Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group Is Now Open To The Public

[ 0 ] December 7, 2010

Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group


If you are, great  hopefully you have taken the opportunity to join the beta group as a member.  If not then this your opportunity to know how to create true wealth.

This is a a turning point for you.  If you choose to do nothing then you could find yourself among the 95 % of the people who are the middle class that will be wiped out with the transfer of wealth that is currently underway.

Take the time to get access to the short video where Mike Dillard explains in simple steps what has happened and where we are now.   He knows because he has grown his wealth by 280% since 2007.

Why did Mike Dillard create The Elevation Group?  Because Mike Dillard is a passionate successful entrepreneur who knows from his own personal journey to he had to learn and understand how the rich manage money to create lasting wealth.   He observed that there is a lack of concrete information that teaches the middle class how to use the same wealth creation vehicles the rich use.   He created The Elevation Group to deliver the information.

We are at time in history when the transfer of wealth is underway like never before.    History repeats itself with new twists and turns.  This wealth cycle is much like the others that have happened before, with a twist.  The twist now is that the entire world is running on the same economic foundation.   That foundation is failing.

The other twist is a good one,  because of the internet and social media with blogs,  we can connect  through the web. You can choose to become informed, empowered and educated so that you can be on the smart side of the wealth transfer.

Mike Dillard (the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring guy) has created an excellent program in The Elevation Group.

What’s Working Now Review

[ 0 ] March 23, 2010

What’s Working Now Review

What's Working NowWould you like to learn how to generate more leads, and more cash for you MLM business, WITHOUT having to spend all of your valuable time reading expensive marketing courses?

What’s Working Now is the latest information service from Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring. And it looks like the guys at Magnetic Sponsoring have hit another home run.

One of the biggest challenges in the marketplace today, and I know it is probably my own personal number one challenge, is information overload. Technology and marketing applications are changing and improving so fast now days that you can’t keep up with it and build your business at the same time.

Well, now Mike Dillard and the Magnetic Sponsoring team have created a solution to the information overload headache. What’s Working Now is like the “Cliff’s Notes” of Internet marketing.  Let me explain…

What’s Working Now, or WWN, is our new and improved monthly publication from Magnetic Sponsoring that will replace the Magnetic Sponsoring Inner Circle newsletter.

The team at Magnetic Sponsoring will check out and review all of the training and systems and new technology out there in the marketplace for you and compile the best of the best, or “What’s Working Now,” and deliver it to you monthly via PDF.

This will save you time, money and effort by giving you access to the latest training that’s working right now, today, from the best trainers in the industry.

The PDF format will keep the cost down, plus allow us to use hyperlinks within the content so you can easily and instantly access any other reference materials.

I could go on and on, but why don’t you check What’s Working Now out for yourself…

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The Problem of Recruiting…

[ 0 ] March 22, 2010

Magnetic SponsoringIf I’ve learned anything in my time in network marketing it’s this:

Recruiting is key, and most people absolutely hate being “recruited”.

If that doesn’t strike fear in the hearts of network marketers everywhere, I don’t know what will. And on top of that, most of us in the business don’t get much enjoyment from chasing after people either.

We have to recruit, and we don’t like doing it, at least not in the traditional way. And the people we are trying to recruit don’t like to be chased.

And that leaves us all in a conundrum, doesn’t it?

How to recruit effectively without annoying others and ourselves?

And what about the other aspects of MLM?

What about keeping a steady cash flow coming in so that we can continue working? And what’s with all this Web 2.0 stuff? And just how do you train your downline to be superstars?

If you’ve read this so far and are beginning to feel utterly discouraged, don’t! I’ve got something to share with you. No, it’s not a miracle, get-rich-quick scheme, and no, it’s not going to make you look ten years younger. But it will help you turn your MLM business into a Super-Powered MLM business.

It’s called Magnetic Sponsoring, and it takes a whole lot of the guesswork and hearache out of recruiting, cash flow, and training, along with other things. In short, it will help you explode your MLM business.

What exactly is Magnetic Sponsoring?

Simply put, it is an Internet marketing system that you can use to help develop a new MLM business for yourself, or as an additional tool that you can use in conjunction with your existing MLM business.

Developed by Mike Dillard, a man who truly went from rags to riches by using a system he created himself, Magnetic Sponsoring shows you what Mike Dillard learned through trial and error, eventually leading him to success – millionaire success!

Magnetic Sponsoring as a program offers both new and seasoned Internet marketers some very interesting and ultimately very effective methods for using the tools of the Internet to their full advantage. Using the Internet, you will learn to brand yourself as a trusted expert.

You’ll also learn about prospecting the right way (one that actually works and doesn’t make people think you’re annoying!).

And, you’ll learn about creating cash flow from the first moment – not from the first person to actually join your downline, but from the first person to show any interest in what you’re doing!

Having this knowledge is like having the key to a locked door!

And when you open this door, you’re going to be very pleased with what you find!

Learn more about Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring A Review

[ 0 ] May 21, 2009
Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring Book & System

Not too long ago a young man named Mike Dillard decided he was tired of living on nothing and developed an Internet marketing system known as Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike went from being a table waiter in a restaurant to an entrepreneur so that be could build his Network Marketing business. After many mistakes and a lot of hard work and determination, Mike’s business is now a multi-million dollar company.

Mike’s book, Magnetic Sponsoring is a guide that he published which shows what he learned that made his business so successful. Of course there aren’t step-by-step instructions in it, because the information is generic and applies to any business, but the book does give readers a great amount of valuable information and insights to get them started and get their own ideas up and running.

The book offers a refreshing look at the way many of us think about the business of network marketing. One of Mike Dillard’s most often used words in his book is “sellucation” which means selling through education. When you think about it, the meaning actually makes sense because it can easily be implemented into your business whether you’re just starting out or not. When your prospect has been properly educated about your opportunity and products, he or she will want to be a part of your team.

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