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Search Engines De-Mystified – How to Get High PageRank

[ 0 ] October 16, 2009

High PageRank with the most popular search engines is going to bring more traffic to your websites. You may already know that you need this formula for success that’s created through a top secret Google algorithm, but do you know exactly what to do to get high Page Rank?

The fact is that the rules change and many people don’t know how to keep up. Consequently, some are left using outdated and stagnate techniques that might work, but not as well – or may not work at all.  Some techniques could even get you into trouble with the search engines.

I’ve looked at MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 and I like that one of the focuses is on how to get high PageRank, even when the rules are ever-changing and shifting. This system teaches things like three very simple steps to getting Google to send you all the targeted traffic you could want, how to find the keywords that make the money, and the best ways to use social media to get the search engines to love your web pages.

Beside what I’ve just mentioned, I think it’s important to note that creating different types of effective video can really help you when it comes to high PageRank, and of course, knowing the latest about SEO as well. That’s what I like about MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 – it covers these, too – in depth.

High PageRank is about using a blend of tools – keywords, SEO, video and knowledge of how Google and other search engines work. You need to educate yourself in these areas and make good use of them in order to understand how search engines work and how to get that high PageRank that puts your site at the forefront of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

I personally use and recommend MLM Traffic Formula 2.0. I am also a Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate and therefore I do earn a commission when you order Traffic Formula through my link.

If you need to find out how you can get a copy of MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 (it is “officially” not on the market right now), call Mike Stokes at (225) 218-1469..

MLM Traffic Formula Beats a Job Any Day

[ 0 ] June 16, 2009

When MLM Traffic Formula 1 came out, I have to be honest, I didn’t buy it at first. I was the number one affiliate with Magnetic Sponsoring, and figured I was “doing OK.”

It wasn’t the price of the course; I was making really good money marketing the Magnetic Sponsoring book…

The truth is, I had already purchased so many courses on Internet marketing and still did not know what to do, that I had basically given up on ever learning how to make the big bucks that the Internet marketing guys were making. I thought I’d just be wasting my money, and that I just could not learn that stuff.

Well, about a year later, I’m still struggling along, but lo and behold, I’m not the #1 Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate any more…A bunch of those guys and gals that bought the MLM Traffic Formula marketing course were eating my lunch! Sure, I was still making some sales, but those folks were raking in BIG BUCKS!

So, the genius that I am, I decided to go ahead and order the Traffic Formula (I’m still talking about the first one) course, just so I can read it and get some copy to make better ads to sell it.

Well, much to my surprise, on the very first CD I listened to, it was so down to earth and easy to understand, I had a revelation, that I could at least to that little thing that I learned! It was about free press releases, so I wrote one up, really primitive, and posted it online for free, and don’t you know that thing hit Page One of Google in less than 24 hours!

And get this, it is STILL on page one of Google, for a very competitive keyword!

So anyway, I listen to the next CD, I forgot what it was about, and I say, “WOW! I can do this too!” Before you know it, I’m doing several of the new Internet marketing techniques I learned in the course, and my income is climbing like crazy.

I was about to have to go back in to the job market and get a j-o-b, and the MLM Traffic Formula saved me from that grim fate…And I’m not even using but 2 or 3 of the many IM techniques that the course teaches.

Buying the MLM Traffic Formula (1) was the best purchase I’ve ever made in my business career. So I didn’t hesitate a minute when MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 was released.

I’m planning on buying my wife a home on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida with the raise I’m gonna give myself with what I learn in Traffic Formula 2. Isn’t it about time YOU and your family started living some of your dreams?

Do yourself a favor, save $700 bucks and order MLM Traffic Formula II while the discount is still available. You won’t be sorry.

Hey, here’s an offer you can’t refuse:

You can call me to help you with anything you can’t quite figure out with the course. I do Internet marketing full-time now. (“Full-time” to me means that’s how I make my living, I surely do not work 40 hours a week any more, far from it, in fact.)

Is anybody else offering to help you?

Here’s my phone number:

Mike Stokes

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6 Tips to Turn Your Dream Business into Reality

[ 0 ] June 6, 2009

If you’re dreaming of starting your own online business, but not sure if you’ve got the right state of mind to get you started, check out these 6 tips and turn your dream into a reality.

1. Create a plan to achieve your goal. All great start-up ideas end gain life with a plan. Think about the product or service you’d like to create and where you want to go with it. Write down every little detail from the product idea to who will buy it and any financial needs you may need to get started. Even if the item seems small and not worth writing down, do it anyway. You never know.

2. Set up your plan with step-by-step actions to take. Break down your plan and create steps to achieve your goal. Keep the steps small and realistic and starting small. Many businesses fail because they’re unorganized and the goals are unrealistic. For Example, making billions of dollars in a matter of a year is a nice goal, but it might be more achievable if you lower your dollar amount or extend it to a five-year goal. 

3. Move your actionsteps into real life. Sure the plan looks great on paper, but what good will it do you if you don’t take action and implement that first step? And while you’re at it, imagine yourself achieving that goal with the success you’re hoping for. If you find yourself hitting a roadblock, go around or bulldoze it over. Successful people never give up when something goes wrong. They just find another way to do it.

4. Don’t go it alone. There are many social networks that you can join which will allow you to meet with other like-minded individuals. You are never alone when it comes to getting your ideas up and running and there’s no reason you have to go through it alone.

5. Use the right tools. The wrong tools won’t get you far, so do your research when considering the marketing tools. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for help and Magnetic Sponsoring is proof of that.

6. Don’t expect an overnight miracle. Businesses may be made overnight, but it certainly doesn’t mean you’ll be rolling in the money the very next day. Have a little patience and your baby will grow.

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MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

[ 0 ] May 28, 2009

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

I remember when I was thinking about buying Traffic Formula One 2 or 3 years ago. The price was $500 and that was a lot of money to me at that time. It was really a stretch of faith to place that order, but am I ever glad I did!

Up until that point, I was totally convinced that I could NEVER learn how to market on the Internet. I had spent all of my extra money on courses and information products, and still just could not “get it.” I figured I was just technologically challenged and was not capable of learned the ins and outs of online stuff.

To be honest, I didn’t even really believe that the MLM Traffic Formula (the first one) course was gonna be any different. The main reason that I bought it was because I was making a lot of money selling the course as a Magnetic Sponsoring affiliate. (I did understand the principles of Magnetic Sponsoring, also know as attraction marketing, and was making some money from what I had learned there.)

Anyway, I bought the MLM Traffic Formula course, and put in one of the CDs when I was driving to a friends house that lived a little ways out of town. The very first CD blew my mind! I said, “WOW! I can do this.”

I couldn’t wait to get home to try a simple technique that even a “technologically challenged” guy like myself could do. And guess what? I did it, and it worked!

I had an article (actually a free press release) on page one of Google for my keyword, and I started getting traffic, and hits, and sales!

Anyway, just a few of the many techniques that I learned from that first Traffic Formula course have made me a LOT of money over the past 2-3 years. I would have had to have gotten a J-O-B if I had not bought that course!

And get this, Mike Dillard has a FREE 38-minute DVD that you can access immediately (and did I mention it was FREE?), that outlines the strategic plan behind the MLM Traffic Formula that he created in 2006 that has made him a multi-millionaire.

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