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The Power of a Big Goal

[ 0 ] October 27, 2009 |

When you think of your biggest MLM goal, what comes to mind? Is your goal to become a top recruiter for the company you’re working for? Or maybe you would rather become the largest earner and make enough money to live the life that you’ve always dreamed of?

And when you have that one important goal that stands out from all of the rest, you’ll know it. You’ll know because the absolute potential of its value will blow your mind. You’ll realize that your goal won’t just be a simple one. It will be one that will have the power to change your life.

You’ve got to be willing to dive right into that goal and show the rest of the world what you can accomplish. You’ve got to find inspiration in others who have accomplished similar goals and then become inspired by your very own accomplishments. 

You need something that is POWERFUL, something that is HUGE. You need something that will attract you in such a way that you’ll find yourself drawn towards it no matter what your life is like. You want something that will get you excited every time you think about it.

With MLM being such a powerful tool, it’s obvious you might have a little difficulty deciding on a specific goal because there is so much unlimited potential. Yet there’s no reason it should keep you from tapping into that potential and using it to your advantage.

You can obtain those goals of more money and then add onto that stack of money. You can gain more customers and double them, which in turn doubles your income. Now ask yourself, “What if?” and then take a good hard long look at all of the unlimited possibilities.

When you’re thinking about goals and accomplishing them, one of the biggest problems most people face is setting those goals too low. Those goals don’t inspire them or they can reach them way too easily. When you set a goal that can be easily reached without giving much thought to it or doing much work, you’re not living up to your true talent or potential.

Goals need to push you beyond your simple limits. If the goal you’ve chosen to be your biggest and best isn’t doing that, then you need to find a goal that will.

Now take a long hard look at your MLM business and decide where you want to really go with it and what you want to achieve.

Maybe you want to bring in more recruits over the next few months or maybe you want to bring in a specific amount of income by this time next year. Whatever the goal, don’t make it small. Keep it large and make sure it’s a life-changing goal that will truly be phenomenal.

Once you’ve got that goal, keep track of it 24/7. You should begin to feel its power pulling you towards it. When that happens you’ll know your life is headed in the right direction and with that goal you’ll be able to take those steps that will lead you there.

A great goal to get you started thinking big would be to read the Magnetic Sponsoring book this week.

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