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The Two Big Problems of MLM

[ 0 ] January 24, 2012 |

Have you ever had a prospect hang up the phone on you or scoff in your face after you’ve approached them with a business opportunity? If so, then I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Because the heart of your MLM business depends on distributors for your downline, you must be able to reach those fresh prospects, which can often be a very difficult task.

And once you do manage to recruit your new downline members, you must keep them motivated and growing, not to mention succeeding. Now let’s assume you’ve been in network marketing for a while, you’ve probably already run into that road block and are wondering how on earth do you get and, most importantly how do you keep, a downline that’s active and growing.

Problem #1 – How Do You Find Serious Prospects?

When you’re searching for new distributors or IBOs (independent business owners), your focus should be on those who are actively seeking a home-based business and not on just anyone and everyone.

Not too long ago the only way to gain prospects was by using a contact list. On that contact list were anyone and everyone you could think of, including your grandmother and your family physician. Everyone was a prospect.

Unfortunately, the problem is not everyone on your list really wants to be a prospect. As a matter of fact, most of that list probably isn’t even interested in selling what you wanted to share with them. So as a result of this approach, Multi Level Marketing opportunities have gotten nothing but a bad name. And really, no one wants to be tricked into attending some long and boring business meeting.

The good news is, there is a better way thanks to the World Wide Web and social media networks, which allows you to expand your search for prospects all over the world. Yet even if you have some success in reaching a new supply of prospects for your downline, you could still have the problem of how to work around that second obstacle.

Problem #2 – How Do You Train and Encourage New Recruits?

Now that you have a new member in your downline, you’re probably wondering how you can get them the training and encouragement they need in order to succeed. You certainly can’t expect your prospect to do it on their own because most of them won’t do it or they just don’t know how to get started.

If you’re still new to MLM, then you really don’t have any credibility, which makes it really hard to motivate you downline to succeed. And while most MLM companies do offer excellent training materials and kits for their new distributors, they generally don’t offer a great support system, which means your MLM success will eventually “die” unless you have that support you need.

What you need is a way to keep in touch with your prospects and your downline so that it’s convenient for both you and your recruits. And while it’s great to train one-on-one, it’s often much more convenient to use websites accessed through the Internet. Easy to access and deliver MLM training is essential.

So now the real question is, where do you find the solution to these problems?

Stay tuned for The Two Big Problems of MLM Part Two.

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