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What Is an Exit Program?

[ 0 ] August 6, 2008 |

What Is An Exit Program?

What do you do when you call a lead and they’re not interested in your primary program?

Do you have an exit program to sell them?

Do you know what an “exit program” is?

We’ll get back to this…

Have you ever heard that you could be just one person away from a million bucks?

You find that “pearl” in your recruiting process and you’re in the bucks…

The truth is, it really does only take a couple of people to set you up for life in the network marketing industry.

(I’ve found three people like that, and I’m set up for life.)

But this is about getting YOU set up for life, right?

So, what can you do in the meantime?

While you’re going through all those oysters looking for your pearls?

Let me clue you in on a “secret”…

Ideas are easier to find than good people, and they’re even more valuable.

Could You Really Be Just One Idea
Away From A Million Bucks?

The answer is absolutely YES!

Our numbers over the last 21 years have shown that the average home-business owner will spend at least $200.00 per month on advertising and marketing, and many will spend a lot more than that.

(I spend way, way more than that when I’m launching a business.)

How much money did you earn last month from all the people that rejected your primary business or product?

This is a huge market and un-tapped source of income for the home-business entrepreneur.

A product that you can sell to everyone that rejects your primary business is called an exit program.

The premier exit program in the MLM network marketing industry is Magnetic Sponsoring.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing
Mary Kay…Home Parties…
Direct Sales…Network Marketing…
Affiliate Marketing…Mail Order…or whatever…
Or, even if this is your first ever work-from-home business…

When you offer your leads the Magnetic Sponsoring program, you’re in the PERSONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT business.

You’re primary business may be vitamins or candles, but your exit program is personal development.

You’ll also market BUSINESS SYSTEMS and MARKETING TRAINING and TOOLS to home-business owners.

Your “competition” is selling pills and potions and rah-rah…

YOU are in the PEOPLE business.

Like McDonalds… McDonalds is NOT in the hamburger business.

McDonalds is IN the REAL ESTATE business and SELLS a duplicatable BUSINESS SYSTEM.

You Can Earn an Extra $?,???.00+ per Month
On Top Of What You’re Already Doing!

PLUS, generate you own laser-targeted and responsive leads for whatever program you’re already working!

What do you do when you call a lead and they’re not interested in your primary program?

Most network marketers just give up, and say goodbye.

A businessperson sells them an exit program, like Magnetic Sponsoring.

How many classes have you ever taken on How to Make Money in the Real World by someone who is actually doing it?

None, right? Well, now you can connect with real doers.

Do you know why FRANCHISES took off and become so successful in the 70’s and 80’s?

It’s because they offered a proven system – they had already done the “trial and error” so that franchisee could run on a proven track and get off to a FAST START.

Now you can do the same thing.

The recruiting system comes with it for FREE.

Connect with someone that is already working this system and having tremendous success with it.

I learned this system in 1998 and have not had a job since 1999.

It’s working for me.

It can work for you too.

PS – Take a look around the industry…The people that are “in” Amway, “in” Herbalife, “in” Xango, “in” SeaAloe, “in” anything other than IN BUSINESS, are not making any money. You’ve got to be in business to make money.

“If you’re not making money while you sleep, you’ll never get rich.”

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