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What is Search Engine Marketing?

[ 0 ] January 16, 2012 |

You may have heard a lot about pay per click and AdWords, but what exactly is search engine marketing? Even more important than that, how can you use this type of marketing strategy to boost your online sales?

Search engine marketing is simply advertising your business (either based online or in a storefront) on the search engine results pages from sites such as Google, Yahoo, and AOL. Millions of people perform searches on a daily basis looking for items and services to purchase or just learn more about.

Obviously, having your business name pop up front and center when they get their results page for these searches will greatly increase your chances of them clicking on your site and following through with a purchase. They have to find your site before they can take advantage of what you have to offer, and search engines are the best way to get your name out there in front of millions of eyeballs every single day.

While you are essentially paying for traffic to your site with search engine marketing, you will also experience a higher rate of sells which should more than pay for your marketing campaign. When combined with free marketing campaigns such as optimizing your site with appropriate keywords, you can sit back and watch your traffic numbers increase by the day.

Many search engine marketing programs also allow your ads to be placed on websites and blogs related to your products, which further increases your traffic.

So, what is search engine marketing? It is literally your ticket to pulling in a higher number of paying customers to your website. You can’t succeed until the people know you exist, so get out there today!

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