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Who Do You Ask For A Raise?

[ 0 ] April 2, 2010 |

What's Working NowIf a person in a regular job wants a raise, what do they have to do? First they’ve got to start working really hard (to get noticed), then go begging to their boss to convince them that they are worth more than he or she thinks.

How degrading…

You’d have to walk into your bosses office (at a time convenient to them), and say “I really enjoy working here, and I’ve been taking on more responsibility recently, and I’ve been working a lot harder than usual, so I was wondering maybe if you would possibly consider giving me a raise?”

And then you’d have to look your boss straight in the eyes and give them your best smile, and hope they think you’re worth more money to them than they currently pay you.

You would have to beg your boss and justify why you think you are worth more than she currently thinks you are.

This is a question of how much you’re worth, simple as that. We’re talking about how much you get for your time. We’re talking, on a fundamental level, how much you are worth in the marketplace. Not how much your boss thinks you’re worth, but how much you are actually worth. Who currently determines your market value?

When you have your own home business venture and you want a raise, there’s only one person you need to tell. You.

You stand in front of your bathroom mirror one morning and you say to yourself “Gosh darn it, you’re so handsome! I’m giving you a raise!”

Welcome to the world of the entrepreneur. This is the free market, and you deserve to be paid what you’re worth, not what your boss thinks you’re worth. And all you need to do to make it happen is decide that you WANT it to happen.

If you want a raise, just go out there and get it. Lots of people just imagine themselves getting an extra $50 a week. Sometimes people just need that little bit extra to not get in debt, or to pay into their savings account, or even just to have a nice fancy meal out each week.

Some people see their own business as their path to extreme wealth. They picture themselves as a millionaire on a yacht surrounded by good looking guys or bikini-clad women,  sipping champagne.

Whichever option you’re imagining, your boss can’t get you there. The only person who has the power to pay you what you’re worth is yourself.

No matter what your goal.

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