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Why Magnetic Sponsoring Works

[ 0 ] November 20, 2008 |

Why Magnetic Sponsoring Works So Well

You’ve heard the hype about a hundred different network marketing systems and you might be thinking to yourself, “Magnetic Sponsoring is just like the rest.” Fair enough, but just not true!

Magnetic Sponsoring is different from the rest, and I can tell you exactly why it’s different, better and it works. Getting straight to the point:

– MS is different because it teaches you exactly what you need to do to bring qualified prospects directly to you. Using the MLM marketing funnel, the system eliminates the need for you to pester your neighbors and try to get sales from perfect strangers. By the time a lead reaches the point where you would offer the business opportunity, they already know, like and trust you. This makes a big difference!

– MS is better because it teaches you to use funded proposals to get the cash moving in from the very beginning, and then keeps the cash flow steady while you are building your downline. Seriously, most network marketing businesses fail because the cash flow just isn’t there. Funded proposals solve that problem easily.

– MS works because it is a system that was developed by very smart, savvy and experienced MLM entrepreneur, Mike Dillard. You’ve heard his name for a reason – he’s done the whole MLM thing from the ground up and he is now a millionaire – that’s not an exaggeration, folks. He has millions and he’s teaching what he knows.

The next time you start lamenting that all MLM recruiting systems are the same, STOP!

One is different and better. It’s Magnetic Marketing.

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